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Bigstep launches Full Metal Cloud promising power and speed for big data analytics

Bigstep has launched a new infrastructure as a service [IaaS] platform that uses a combination of bare metal and cloud flexibility to create what it claims is the world’s most powerful public computing infrastructure.

The Full Metal Cloud brings supercomputer power to big data processing and provides some 20 to 100 per cent more performance than any virtual cloud and does so by eliminating the need for a hypervisor.

Bigstep’s new product will be of interest to those customers that have a desire to operate big data analytics applications using NoSQL or Hadoop.

“We believe we are the most powerful public computing infrastructure in the world and the perfect cloud for any organisation that is serious about crunching its big data in real-time and utilising it to make informed and impactful business decisions,” said Ioana Hreninciuc, Commercial Director, Bigstep.

“Cloud flexibility on a bare metal infrastructure is a compelling proposition and provides a high-performance, secure and robust environment for big data applications,” Hreninciuc added.

The lack of a hypervisor also means switching is carried out on physical networking equipment resulting in improved latency, an increase in available processing resources in the servers and direct control over physical ports in the switch.

Bigstep uses eighth-generation HP server hardware to run the Full Metal Cloud with storage all-SSD, centralised and connected using Internet small computer system interface [iSCSI]. Any companies that need a private cloud can do so easily with Bigstep providing cloud-in-cloud capabilities to allow firms to do so.

When it comes to networking the maximum connectivity speed is 44Gbps based on four wired gigabit Ethernet connections with a UK data-centre in Reading and “others to follows” across the continent in 2014.

When it comes to pricing the service starts at £0.35 per hour for the on-demand offering with the reserved service priced on a monthly basis with a minimum contract of 12 months.