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Cisco: Data centre traffic to increase three fold by 2017

Cisco’s Global Cloud Index [GCI] expects global data centre traffic to increase three-fold by 2017 and in the process reach a total of 7.7 zettabytes.

The third annual report, which covers 2012 to 2017, shows that cloud traffic is the fastest growing part of data centre traffic with a 35 per cent combined annual growth rate [CAGR] from 1.2 zettabytes in 2012 to 5.3 zettabytes in 2017.

"People all over the world continue to demand the ability to access personal, business and entertainment content anywhere on any device, and each transaction in a virtualised, cloud environment can cause cascading effects on the network,” said Doug Merritt, Senior VP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Cisco. “Because of this continuing trend, we are seeing huge increases in the amount of cloud traffic within, between and beyond data centres over the next four years."

Cloud data is seeing huge growth with the survey showing that global cloud traffic will account for some two thirds of global data centre traffic by 2017 as it grows from 46 per cent of total traffic in 2012 to 69 per cent of total traffic by 2017.

When it comes to what is flowing through data centres, 17 per cent will be powered by end users accessing the cloud to visit websites, stream videos, collaborate and use connected devices.

The remaining data is created by data centres and cloud computing workloads that don’t affect the end user with 76 per cent of data centre traffic staying within the data centre and generated by storage, production and development data in a virtual environment. The smallest amount, seven per cent, will be generated from one data centre to another.

When the Cisco Global Cloud Index is broken down by region the Middle East and Africa has the highest cloud traffic growth rate of 57 per cent CAGR, Asia Pacific having a 43 per cent CAGR with Central and Eastern Europe lagging behind with 36 per cent CAGR.

To create the forecasts Cisco models and analyses various primary and secondary sources that includes 40 terabytes of monthly traffic sampled from a number of local data centres over the past year, results from 90 million network tests and third party market research reports.