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LG cheeky ads tailored to poke fun on competitor devices

LG has launched a cheeky ad campaign that pokes fun at the device on which it appears.

A campaign to promote the LG G2 smartphone uses browser identifiers that allow tailored LG G2 banner ads to come up on the screens of all its major competitors with HTC, Samsung and Apple all coming in for a slating.

The message that comes up on a Samsung Galaxy phone alluded to the device’s speed by stating “Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?” beneath an egg timer, followed by a screen stating that the LG G2 has a 20 per cent faster processor.

Apple iPhone users see a message below a magnifying glass in small print that states “Hard to read this on your iPhone” with the following screen making light of the LG G2’s larger display.

A message also appears below a battery that states “Tired of charging your HTC One” with the next ad adding that the LG G2 has a 30 per cent longer battery life.

The campaign, organised by M&C Saatchi, has been running in Scandinavia since 4 October with no word as to whether there are plans to roll it out in any other places in the future.

The LG G2 was launched in August with the smartphone sporting a 5.2in full HD display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.26GHz, 2GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel back camera with optical image stabilisation [OIS]. The device’s quad-core processor has the distinction of being able to handle 4K video and its battery packs a weighty 3,000mAh of power.

LG also chose to move the buttons from the side onto the rear of the device with the G2 rumoured to be the basis for the upcoming Google Nexus 5 smartphone, which will be manufactured by the same company.