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LinkedIn boosts job discovery with new Recruiter Mobile iOS app

Job seekers are always on the hunt, skimming through listings on the daily commute or updating professional networking profiles while in line for lunch. Yet recruiters aren't afforded the same on-the-go luxuries. Until now.

LinkedIn has launched two new products aimed at making job discovery even easier: Mobile Work With Us and Recruiter Mobile.

Work With Us debuted in September 2011 as an additional avenue for companies to share available jobs via current employees' profiles as ads. Now, LinkedIn extended that function to mobile profiles, placing ads at the top of members' pages.

"Now whenever someone looks at the mobile profiles of your employees, they'll see relevant jobs at your company, which makes it even easier for candidates to discover your jobs and helps extend the mobile footprint of your company's talent brand," Parker Barille, senior director of product, wrote in a blog post.

The Recruiter Mobile iOS app, meanwhile, takes the drafting process to a whole new level. Search and review profiles of potential hires, communicate with candidates, and keep your activity organised while on the move.

Available now for free download in the Apple iTunes Store, the application does require a LinkedIn Recruiter account. Check out Recruiter Mobile in action in LinkedIn's video below.

According to LinkedIn, one-third of members visit the site from a mobile device. In the past, users have gained access to features like Sponsored Jobs listed in their feed, and the ability to immediately apply for a job using their profile.

"When it comes to mobile, we've got you covered," Barille said.

This summer, LinkedIn added the ability to search for jobs via its mobile app for Android and iOS devices, making it easier to take the next step and apply for any position you find without having to bookmark or email the listing for later.