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Nokia files smartwatch patent

Nokia has thrown its hat into the wearables arena in the shape of a smartwatch that will offer customisation as its main feature if it ever sees the light of day.

The company filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] for a watch that has different segments that all run different applications and can be customised to the user’s specification.

Engadget reports the prototype is based on a concept called “Facet” developed by Kent Lyons. It works by allowing the apps to run on single segments and then when expanded the app can go into an adjacent segment before being collapsed back to where it was before.

Apps can also be swapped between segments easily and there are options to expand and collapse all. Six physical segments make up the concept with eight virtual segments on offer and all six physical segments can be taken out of the watch and moved around.

The drawings Nokia filed with the USPTO include a Windows Phone style lock screen and Microsoft is expected to have heavy involvement in the development of the product since it bought Nokia’s devices and agreed to license its patents last month.

Nokia follows the likes of Sony and Samsung into the smartwatch space after the two released respective devices earlier this year. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear can be paired with other Samsung Galaxy devices with the Sony SmartWatch 2 offering similar functionality when a Sony smartphone is out of reach.

Much of the industry is still waiting with baited breath to see what Apple produces in terms of wearable technology. The firm has made a number of hires in recent times that suggest it will be focusing on health and fitness with what is being dubbed the iWatch.