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Adidas unveils miCoach smartwatch

Adidas has entered the smartwatch space with a wearable device that offers a built in pulse rate monitor as well as GPS technology.

The adidas miCoach smartwatch is the company’s first smartwatch with a device that allows the user to track their run, listen to music, monitor heart rate and receive real-time coaching all from a wrist watch.

“By combining the latest innovations, such as the Mio Wrist Based Continuous Heart Rate Technology, design and ease of use navigation, we consciously broke the template that defines other running watches,” said Simon Drabble, director of miCoach at adidas. “Whether you’re starting a new running program, training for a 10k or competing in another marathon, miCoach SMART RUN will make your training more efficient so you get the results you want.”.

The device comes with a 1.45in display and a battery that lasts for 14 days when all tracking sensors are switched off with the time reduced to four hours when in “training mode”.

Adidas has partner apps available on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices with the smartwatch itself not offering the chance to install any apps and in this way it differs from the likes of Samsung and Sony.

In terms of connectivity the Bluetooth technology allows MP3 files to be played wirelessly using compatible headphones and this also lets real-time coachingbe relayed to the user.

Coaching programs can be created that will improve fitness and feedback is given using on-screen graphics and vibrations as well as the aforementioned audio feedback.

The miCoach smartwatch will set UK consumers back £350 when it is released in November and it makes it a lot more expensive than competitor Nike’s Fuelband SE, which is £129. The differential can be explained by the higher amount of sensors offered by adidas’ device and the fact that Nike’s Fuelband is only compatible with iOS devices.