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Microsoft Remote Desktop apps hit iOS and Android stores

Microsoft has released a Remote Desktop app for iOS and Android that gives users access to a Windows PC remotely with the Mac OS X app given a refresh at the same time.

The free app allows iOS and Android device owners to access a Windows PC remotely using a remote desktop gateway with a plethora of different options once inside the app.

Using Microsoft’s remote desktop protocol [RDP] and RemoteFX the new apps offer a multi-touch experience that support Windows gestures on the device being used, whether it be iOS or Android.

A secure connection to data and applications on the Windows PC is provided using network layer authentication [NLA] technology with a connection centre providing easy management of all remote connections.

There is a chance to take advantage of high quality sound and video streaming that will have improved compression and bandwidth usage, according to the app’s Google Play page.

Microsoft has also released an updated version of the Mac OS X remote desktop app that offers the same access detailed above as well as some additional features such as being able to print from Windows apps to any printer set up with the Mac computer involved.

The updates enable users of any device, whether it is a Mac OS X computer, iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, or a Windows Phone device, to access a Windows computer from wherever they are.

This fact alone will appeal to enterprise customers with Michel Roth at commenting that the apps being released was “a pretty big deal” when it comes to Microsoft attempting to make tracks in the bring your own device [BYOD] sector.

Windows 8.1, which the apps arrive alongside, was released worldwide yesterday with a start button added as well as a number of smaller tweaks.