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GFT Group agrees QlikView partnership with QlikTech

GFT Group has signed a QlikView partnership with QlikTech that will see the two join forces with the former providing banking assistance to various different companies using QlikView.

As a condition of the deal GFT Group, an IT solutions and services provider to the banking sector, becomes the premier sponsor of Qliktech’s Business Discovery World Tour event that gets underway in London tomorrow.

"QlikView is extremely powerful in unleashing the intelligence within a business and for putting the power of the data into the hands of those that need it, the business users. This relationship is key to establishing QlikView as the defacto standard for business intelligence best practice within banking," explained Sean Farrington, MD UK & Ireland and Regional VP for Northern Europe, QlikTech.

The partnership builds on GFT’s experience working with financial institutions and it’s this knowledge that QlikView clients will be eager to tap in to. GFT’s knowledge of financial services domains and platforms will help financial firms streamline BI roadmaps and provide governance assistance to make sure as much as possible is gained from QlikView’s capabilities.

“Based on our almost 15 years' experience of data management in Investment Banking, we have built up a vast bank of expertise both onshore and nearshore. This specialist team understands not just data, but also how to create intelligence within that platform to drive the maximum value from an organisation's data today and provide the foundation for its future business intelligence needs,” added Christopher Ortiz, MD of GFT UK.

The Business Discovery World Tour, which takes place in London on 22 October, provides a platform for the latest developments in business discovery. QuikView’s Business Discovery platform aims to revolutionise the manner in which businesses manage and analyse data by providing a new level of analysis.

Image Credit: Flickr (ganderssen1)