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Google Glass real-money payments on the way

Google Glass users will be able to make payments using real money for the first time with Intuit developing its payments technology to be used in conjunction with the wearable technology.

Intuit’s GoPayment app allows customers to make payments to certain businesses and is only the second payments app for Google Glass after GlassPay, which allows users to pay using the anonymous currency Bitcoin.

GoPayment gets to work when a business calls a customer and initiates the check out process with them. The business simply taps the “magic” option on its screen and this in turn generates a QR code that is unique to the particular transaction.

The customer then launches the app on Google Glass, taps the side of the Glass and views the QR code on a separate screen in order to scan it. When the transaction is completed a receipt is displayed on the Google Glass eyepiece, according to IBTimes.

It’s so early in the concept process that the app has no name and Cindy Osmond, senior software engineer at Intuit, stated the idea was born after a panel at the Google I/O conference reported mobile payments would make for a “killer app” on the device.

There is also a Google Glass version of Intuit’s finance management program, Mint, in the pipeline that allows financial information to be viewed on the go and the team revealed the most challenging aspect of developing the apps was adapting it to be used on the new form factor.

“When I’m out and about shopping, I can instantly see my financial balance so I know whether I can buy those pair of shoes I desperately want. Just like when we had to rethink desktop software for the mobile phone, we must know rethink mobile phone software for even smaller devices like Google Glass, watches [and] fitness bands,” Osmond told IBTimes.

Intuit has so far not been forthcoming about a release date for either app with the company reportedly waiting for the release of an official software development kit to put the finishing touches to the apps.