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Nvidia takes aim at gaming screen-stutter with G-Sync

Nvidia on Friday introduced an installable monitor module called G-Sync, which is designed to eliminate "screen tearing, input lag, and even most eyestrain-inducing stutter" in PC games.

G-Sync will be released later this year in a DIY kit modders can install in their panels themselves. The initial run of product will be compatible with the Asus VG248QE monitor, with support for more models coming in 2014. Alternatively, Nvidia partners will have G-Sync-equipped monitors for sale as well, the company said.

Nvidia did not state prices for the G-Sync kit or G-Sync monitors, but did say that the modules will come with a one-year warranty. Gamers hoping to install G-Sync in their panels will need systems with a GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost or better GPU.

The company cited some early positive returns from gamers testing G-Sync, even claiming that competitive gamers can gain a significant edge by using the technology.

"In-house, our diehard gamers have been dominating lunchtime LAN matches, surreptitiously using G-Sync monitors to gain the upper hand," Nvidia said in a statement.

G-Sync solves the tear lines caused by playing games in "VSync Off Mode" and the stuttering caused by turning VSync on when playing, according to Nvidia. It does this by "synchronizing the monitor to the output of the GPU, instead of the GPU to the monitor, resulting in a tear-free, faster, smoother experience that redefines gaming," the company said.

G-Sync will eventually be available for a wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions, all the way up to 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution, or so-called "4K" monitors, Nvidia said.