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Apps World 2013: Relive all the action from London's Earls Court

Apps World is heading into fourth year of being with a full head of steam. The 2013 iteration of the global multi-platform app industry extravaganza is set to the biggest yet, with more than 8,000 attendees and 250-odd exhibitors expected to grace London's Earls Court 2 over the next couple of days.

Running 22-23 October, Apps World has a number of major talking points in 2013, not least the keynote address set to be delivered by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, co-founder Brent Hoberman and - yes, really - Apple legend Steve 'The Woz' Wozniak.

Other highlights include the Appster Awards, set to be held at the ultra-swanky Kensington Roof Gardens from 19:30 BST on 22 October. There, the crème de la crème of the app development world will duke it out over 12 categories, from best enterprise app to best use of API and - one of our personal favourites - best startup. The likes of BBC iPlayer, Hailo, YPlan, Shazam, SwiftKey and ooVoo are just some of the big names competing for glory.

For more, be sure to check out our Appster Awards 2013 preview, where we take a closer look at some of the key categories and contenders.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy you live updating coverage of Apps World 2013!

  • 23 October
  • 22:50

    That's all for this year - relive all the action from Apps World 2013 by having a quick scroll down. There's loads of epic talking points, not least thanks to today's Woz keynote. We'll keep this live for a wee bit in the interest of catch up, but for those who have been with us throughout the ride, we'll see you at Apps World 2014!

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    Apps World 2013 is winding down, but before we go, we've got one final newsworthy nugget courtesy of this morning's stellar keynote. Yes, the iPad Air is smaller, thinner and lighter - but that's not enough, according to Woz. We admit we went a bit wobbly at the knees for the new tablet's design but, having heard from the man himself, it's obviously not a one-size fits all device. Follow the link to find out why.

  • 11:45

    First point of note, really, was Woz's assertion that Apple should ape large-display Android devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. God, the man is a tech journo's dream...

  • 10:52

    Stay tuned, as there's plenty of talking points to reflect on from Woz's address - watch this space

  • 10:51

    Sadly, that's all from this morning's keynote - Woz has left the building. Not the actual building, of course, he's probably still here somewhere, but today's headline Apps World session has now drawn to a close

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  • 10:27

    Fielding a question on the Raspberry Pi: "I like to buy a lot of the hot things coming out that sound cool or a lot of people are going to have [so] I got myself one...Raspberry Pi...[is] a device that would teach young people how computers work - the same as my goals with the Apple 2. I didn't have books – I just thought about it and did it on my own. That's what the Pi was about....I plan to try to use it the way people use it and learn what they experience."

  • 10:17

    The session has opened up to questions from the floor. What are Woz's favourite apps? "For a long time, my favourite app has been Siri – Siri since before Apple owned Siri," he says. He also uses Foursquare a lot, but has "hard time" with Facebook and Twitter.

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  • 10:12

    On the iOS 7 UX: "iOS 7 didn't really change my life a lot from iOS 6. We're an app world and I didn't really change what apps I'm using," but at the same time it also offers "higher level of coolness beauty" than iOS 6. "Coolness beauty." I am definitely using that in an article soon.

  • 10:08

    The Woz delivers a scathing review of the Jobs film: "Ashton Kutcher didn't know what I was about. He didn't grow up in our timeframe - when we were doing hardware and software, he was doing diapers and underwear."

  • 09:59

    Woz recounting a few amusing anecdotes, telling us that he travelled for five years on a fake ID that stated he worked at the US: "Department of Defiance."

  • 09:55

    Yeah, this guy kind of knows his stuff...

  • 09:55

  • 09:53

    Advice for startups, Woz-style: "Treat marketing as the most important. More than anything, it is being a user of your product. When I worked at HP...we were only building tools that engineers used. We were the market - we understood what was needed, what was good, and bad. It was personal. [At Apple] we decided we're going to market oriented - we're going to understand people and their needs and be very attentive to the end user...If you're a businessman, please find the engineer. You've got to mix creative thinking with people who know how to build."

  • 09:48

    Woz on today's startup culture vs the old days in Silicon Valley: "Back then, startups were a little bit unusual. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook – they all started with young people just going on their own way. Now, apps are so big, if you have a winner, you make a lot of money." As a result, there's a far greater density of startups and the landscape is more strategically driven.

  • 09:45

    One of the biggest virtues in technology is still simplicity, according to Woz: "Technology is better if I'm working less...I'm lazy. If I'm not having to think, it's a better product."

  • 09:33

    Woz on the oft-rumoured iWatch: "Apple will have something so different. Maybe they'll do something weird like what I'm talking about."

  • 09:32

    Woz is floating the idea of a smartwatch that apes the old school flip phone design, utilising next-gen flexible display technology to wrap around your wrist - that's what he envisages.

  • 09:31

  • 09:29

    Steve Wozniak on smart watches and wearable tech: "What I think of smart watches is...I expect there's going to be about 30 of them soon because it's an easy technology to make. But how smart are they? I want a wearable phone, so I don't have to reach in my pocket. I want the whole complete thing."

  • 09:27

    The Woz: "I really still like the iPhone best. But I also knew the guy who was behind Android – he had a strong Apple background. At first, I bought Android phones [to] do personal experimentation and I didn't like it, until about the Nexus One. There's a few I've liked a little along the way, but when it came to the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note – these are pretty good phones."

  • 09:23

    And The Woz-man cometh! The session is being curated by editor Nate Lanxon

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  • 09:15

    She talks a bit about Apple's recent launches and segways into some interesting statistics about enterprise spending, pointing out that $2.1 trillion (£1.2 trillion) will be dropped on IT apps in 2013

  • 09:12

    We kick things off with some opening remarks from TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden

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  • 09:05

    It's packed to the rafters here at Apps World for The Woz - no surprise there, really

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    The stage is set in the Apps World Developer World for the arrival of The Woz in just a few minutes time

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  • 08:49

    The big keynote kicks off 09:15 BST this morning - I'm going to head down to the theatre now and try to nab a decent spot, so in the meantime, why not read up on why wallets and credit cards will be obsolete in 10 years time - the article is a byproduct of our interview with ZNAP yesterday.

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  • 08:46

    And we're back! Difficulties on the District Line notwithstanding, my day got off to a flying start as passed The Woz in the corridor on my way to the press room. Move over 50 Cent interview - my tech journalism career has a new highlight!

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    Thanks to all who joined us today - we'll be back with you first thing tomorrow (well, technically, later today...) for the big Woz keynote, set to kick off at 09:15 BST, as well as bringing you up to speed on day one from Apps World 2013

  • 22 October
  • 12:23

    Check back with ITProPortal later for the full write up of our briefing with ZNAPP's David Pipe where he tells us exactly why he thinks the current model of mobile payment used by many businesses is wrong, and where the future of the technology is headed.

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  • 12:16

    Pipe: "I believe that in my lifetime my wallets and my debit cards will be obsolete. Banks will cease to have to print credit cards and loyalty cards. It's hard to say when, but I'd bet these kinds of things will be ubiquitous in 10-15 years"

  • 12:11

    Now we're heading over to stand 330 to meet with David Pipe, Chief Marketing Officer for ZNAPP to talk about all things Mobile Payment

  • 12:09

    Hawkins: "Gamification is a great opportunity for the gaming industry to co-operate with marketing officials from industries outside gaming, to play with interactive ideas and through them bring customers to their website."

  • 12:07

  • 12:07

    Sorry for the delay in photos folks, the Wi-Fi system here is struggling to cope with the 7,000 visitors but here's a picture of Trip Hawkins in action earlier at the keynote

  • 11:14

    Hawkins: "In the future it'll be more important to own intellectual property than it will be to distribute it" Hawkins argues that viral distribution and social networks will do the distributing for businesses. A discovery model rather than a distribution model will take power.

  • 10:47

    Hawkins: "What do hardcore gamers want more than anything? They want to win. You don't need super advanced technology to satisfy that urge."

  • 10:46

    Hawkins argues that consumption trends are changing with the arrival of online, easier, more accessible and cheaper mediums.

  • 10:45

    Asking the room who went to see a movie in the last month, a handful of hands went up. The question "How many of you watched a YouTube video in the last day?" made the whole room raise their hands.

  • 10:43

    With a knowing nod, Hawkins doesn't think that the console market will pick up. But he argues that within 5 years the industry will be over $100billion made up of mobile gaming and free game apps.

  • 10:42

    Hawkins: "The market has a chance to get a lot bigger. The game industry was about $5billion 5 years ago, then it went into a steep decline with traditional console becoming less popular."

  • 10:41

    Hawkins: "It means that in the future, everyone is a gamer."

  • 10:39

    Hawkins: "The devices nowadays are very usable – even a one year old can launch an app. That simplicity combined with the low prices of devices nowadays are making mobile gaming ubiquitous. It's a crazy, enormous market"

  • 10:34

    Whilst we wait for it to start, for those of you wondering, EA is not the only string to Hawkins' hefty bow. He also founded the 3DO Company, and most recently Digital Chocolate which publishes mobile video games.

  • 10:32

    KEYNOTE: We're now over in the Gaming World stand for Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins's keynote, "Disruptive Apps"

  • 09:57

    In the meantime, be sure to check out our preview of tonight's Appster Awards, which will take place at the luxurious Kensington Roof Gardens from 19:30 BST and is one of the many highlights of Apps World 2013

  • 09:53

    The first main talking point today is Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins' keynote, which is set to be deliver at 10:30 BST

  • 09:53

    This is the scene inside Earls Court 2 at the moment - we've got an eagle-eye view up here in the press room and expect to see things fill up rapidly

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    Hello, and good morning from London's Earls Court 2 exhibition centre! Thanks for joining our live updating coverage of Apps World 2013