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Despite multiple upgrades, iPad 2 Is still the most popular Apple tablet

Apple's big iPad event is tomorrow, where we'll likely get a glimpse of the company's next-gen tablets, but how popular is the Cupertino-based company's current lineup?

According to Monday stats from Localytics, the iPad 2 remains the most popular version of Apple's tablet, with 38 per cent of iOS tablet market share. That's followed by the iPad 3 at 19 per cent, the fourth-generation iPad at 18 per cent, and the iPad mini at 17 per cent. About 8 per cent of users are chugging along with the original iPad from 2010.

"This could be an indication that the innovation in tablets is slowing down and the perceived differentiation of the latest-generation tablets is getting smaller with each new release," Localytics suggested. "That being said, a Retina display [for the mini] could certainly be the trigger Apple is looking for to drive a major upgrade cycle."

The iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad have been on the market for just under a year. The fourth-generation was also released in the same year as the iPad 3, meaning many iPad 3 buyers likely stuck with their tablet rather than shelling out for a small upgrade that included a processor jump and the Lightning Connector.

A 16 GB iPad 2 can also be had for $399 (£247) for Wi-Fi, or $529 (£328) for Wi-Fi plus 3G, savings of about $100 (£61.99) over its newer counterparts. You might want to wait on buying an iPad 2, however, as the iPad 3 might get a price discount after the new iPads are announced.

Among Android tablets, meanwhile, Samsung's Galaxy lineup was the most popular at 55 per cent, followed by Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets at 21 per cent, and the Nexus 7 at 16 per cent.

Localytics also examined the popularity of the iPhone 5C and 5S. It also found that more consumers are buying the 5S then the 5C, but one month later, "the iPhone 5C has been steadily gaining traction."

"Currently, in the US the ratio of active iPhone 5S to iPhone 5C in terms is down to 1.9x," Localytics concluded. "Globally, however, the gap is still wider: for each active iPhone 5C, there are 2.3 iPhone 5S'. This indicates that the relative popularity of the iPhone 5C vs. 5S is higher in the US than the broader global market."

Image: Apple