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EE Q3 results show half a million new 4G signups but overall decline in customer base

EE has revealed it has now signed up 1.2 million 4G customers, having gained almost half a million subscribers in the third quarter, an increase of 72 per cent over Q2.

Net gains in contract customers overall however amounted to just 181 thousand, with this success diminished by a 345 thousand reduction in pay-as-you-go customers.

The firm has argued that this is inline with a wider trend of increased numbers shifting to contract phones - 56 per cent of EE's customers are now contracted. This decline was enough to cause an overall year on year decline in revenue though.

Revenue was down -3.3 per cent year-on-year at £1,446 million, which is reduced to -0.6 per cent when the impact of regulatory costs is removed.

The firm also highlighted that over 3,200 companies are now signed up to EE 4G, including ASDA, BT, Canon, Expedia, Kimberly-Clark and Virgin Media.

Neal Milsom, CFO of EE said: "Consumers and businesses across the UK are recognising that EE has the best network for the smartphone era, with more superfast 4G coverage than all the other networks combined.

"We attracted half million 4G customers in the quarter and large companies including ASDA, BT, Canon, Expedia, Kimberly-Clark and Virgin Media selected EE's network to help grow their businesses."