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LG G Flex appears in video and new photos

LG’s upcoming G Flex flexible screen smartphone has appeared in a video for the first time with a batch of additional photos showing more of the device’s features ahead of its release next month.

The video, posted by Android Authority, confirms what we’ve already seen in terms of pictures and shows how a video looks when played on the flexible screen the LG G Flex sports.

The Verge posted a series of pictures that show the device in various different situations and revealed that the rear of the device will look almost identical to the LG G2 with buttons placed towards the top of the back shell.

The screen type, which was first revealed to the public earlier this month, claims to be the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones” and will be commercially available in the early part of 2014.

Each device’s screen will be curved from top to bottom and the 6in display will have a radius of 700mm. It is extremely thin at just 0.44mm and when released it’s expected to weigh in at a feather-like 7.2g.

LG’s G Flex is set to be released next month in South Korea “with no release planned for the US, Europe or Latin America” right now but one expected to be announced at a later date.

Samsung beat LG to the punch when it came to a curved screen phone as it confirmed it would be releasing a curved screen smartphone based on Youm flexible display technology. The Samsung Galaxy Round will see a “limited” run when released later this month and the asking price is a rather exorbitant $1,000 [£619].

The race between Samsung and LG to develop the first curved screen mirrors the one that took place between the two when it came to curved display OLED TVs, which retail at around £7,000 price tag and are thus out of reach of most consumers.