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Apple’s iPad Air and new Macs: The reaction on Twitter

After weeks of rumours and speculation, on Tuesday Apple execs finally took to the stage in San Francisco to unveil a new iPad and Mac line-up, and to release OS X Mavericks for the very affordable price of free.

Those iPad and Mac line-ups merged a bit – at least in terms of their names – with the introduction of the iPad Air. The tablet is still a 9.7in slate, but it's now much lighter at only 470 grams. As Sascha Segan wrote in his hands-on with the new tablet: "It's the first 10in tablet that feels effortless."

"The Air's weight is its killer app," he continued, a point that inspired some tongue-in-cheek chatter on the Internet about the iPad Air needing to eat a sandwich. But for those who still need something smaller, there's the 7.9in iPad mini, which will now sport Apple's dazzling Retina display.

Not to be left out, the Retina MacBook Pro also got a Haswell boost, while Apple revealed that the all-new Mac Pro will arrive in December, starting at £2,500.

On the software front, OS X Mavericks was launched as a free upgrade, saving Apple users a few quid. New iOS gadgets will also get free iWork and iLife, while GarageBand is now freemium for those on iOS.

So what's the verdict? Did Apple please its fanboys and girls, or has Cupertino lost its edge? Enthusiasts and detractors alike quickly took to Twitter to offer up their thoughts, some of which we’ve rounded up for you here.

Read on for their reactions… and for more on Apple’s new hardware, check out our hands-on with the iPad mini Retina, and the Mac Pro. You might also be interested in our full review of OS X Mavericks.


Don't laugh. It's a real problem affecting millions of sleepy and clumsy people.


The lightweight iPad Air inspired many a skinny joke.


See what we mean?


There is a method to Apple's madness, of course.


Like Sascha Segan, Ben Parr was also impressed with the iPad Air.


Is Jeff’s kid also tossing the MacBook Air around?


Curiously, the iPad 2 will remain in Apple's line-up. It's tough to say goodbye.


It's only a matter of time before the Mac Pro becomes self-aware!


Could this be... an earnest Twitter post about an Apple product? Pass me the smelling salts.


Ah – normal service has been resumed.


Hopefully, the Nexus 5 will have plenty of Kit Kats to eat in the interim.