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iFixit: Be careful with your Surface Pro 2, because repairability still a problem

Take good care of your Microsoft Surface Pro 2, because you'll have one heck of a time trying to mend it.

According to the experts at iFixit, the second-generation tablet is rife with roadblocks for repair, earning it a failing grade of one out of 10 in terms of repairability.

Folks, don't try this at home — unless, of course, you're willing to drop £719 on a device that will likely end up in broken pieces on your coffee table.

Microsoft's redesigned kickstand came off without a hitch, but, as the iFixit team pointed out, "if the previous model is any indication, repairability issues will soon begin to ... show themselves."

Earlier this year, iFixit slammed the original Surface Pro's tar-like glue anchoring the display assembly, which took the site more than an hour to crack. An additional 90 screws holding together the innards was just too much for the team to bear.

Hoping for better results this time around, iFixit managed to pop off the 10.6in full HD 1080p 10-point touch screen, with the help of a heat gun and 21 opening picks shoved under the display.

Held together by 52 screws (another 38 are scattered around the device, equalling the same 90 as its predecessor), the motherboard revealed a number of various chips which provide storage, controls, and other integrated functions.

Digging a little further, the team uncovered the same "Escalade" 42 Wh battery found earlier this year in the Surface Pro — which was inducted into the iFixit Worst-Scoring Devices Hall of Fame, right next to the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

"Microsoft spared no expense when it came to keeping the Surface Pro going. They sourced the Cadillac of batteries from LG," iFixit said in February. The same is true of Redmond's newest device, which also includes better power management and the Intel Core i5 Haswell chip, "which ensures that the tablet drinks in moderation," the report said. But it loses points for gluing the two battery cells to the case.

Microsoft introduced its follow-up tablets in September, promising boosts to performance and energy levels. The Surface 2 is available now in 32 GB (£359) and 64 GB (£439) flavours; splurge on the swankier Pro 2, which comes with 64 GB (£719), 128 GB (£799), 256 GB (£1,039), and 512 GB (£1,439).

Image: Microsoft