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iOS 7.0.3 update reduces motion and fixes iMessage sending failure bug

Apple has released an update for iOS 7 which includes an improvement to the "reduce motion" option, following continued reports of the moving background on the home screen causing nausea and motion sickness in some users.

The update, version 7.0.3, will fix problems with iMessage which caused messages to fail to send without notifying the user and a bug which prevented iMessage from activating - two issues that have left many users frustrated with the new OS.

The widely reported fault that meant the lock screen could be bypassed if the correct series of options were pressed, has also be fixed, as has an issue that could cause Siri and VoiceOver to use a lower quality voice.

For iPhone 5s owners, the lock screen has been updated to delay the appearance of "slide to unlock" when Touch ID is in use.

As for new features, iOS 7.0.3 has a new iCloud Keychain to keep track of users' account names, passwords, and credit card numbers across all approved devices.

A new Safari password generator meanwhile can be used to suggest "unique, hard-to-guess passwords for online accounts".

The ability to search the web and Wikipedia from spotlight search has been reinstated after previously being scrapped.

The bold text option has been updated so it also changes dial pad text to bold, and stability when using iWork apps has also been improved.

iOS 7.0.3 is available to download now from the app store or via the update option located in settings on iPhone 4 and above.