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Samsung apologises after 'dodgy hardware' criticism from China state TV

Samsung has issued an official apology to Chinese consumers, after reports aired on the country’s state TV which criticised the super-sized Korean electronics company for selling phones with faulty memory chips.

Chinese media reports earlier in the week had alleged that Samsung handsets were crashing due to the malfunctioning hardware and went further by criticising Samsung’s repair policies.

Consequently, Samsung has offered Chinese consumers free repairs and extended warranties on seven models following the 22 October broadcast on China Central Television (CCTV). The Chinese report claimed that Samsung handsets – including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series – crash several times a day, an issue that can be resolved with a chip upgrade that is not covered under current warranties.

With nearly 14 per cent of its overall revenue flowing in from China, Samsung posted a statement to its Chinese website apologising for the inconvenience and blaming the issues on “management problems.” It also promised to repair all affected devices, refund any handsets still malfunctioning after previous repairs, and even replace some customers’ phones altogether.

The criticism of Samsung by CCTV is not the first incident of Chinese media scrutiny in recent months, with electronics giants like Apple also being blasted by press for poor warranty policies. As one of the world’s largest economies and the most populous country, China presents a potential goldmine for leading technology firms seeking to profit from its growing economy and rising income levels. It makes sense then that foreign companies are falling over themselves to keep their customers content.

To put it into perspective, Samsung is currently clinging to its lead position in China’s smartphone market, having sold 30 million devices in the country last year for a 17.7 per cent market share. In contrast, Apple only holds an 11 per cent share, despite chasing deals with China Mobile as Samsung's popularity rises.

Image Credit: Flickr (samsungtomorrow)