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Report: NSA tracked 60 million Spanish phone calls in a single month

The American National Security Agency (NSA) secretly monitored 60 million phone calls in Spain in one month, according to a report based on leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The report published this morning in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo comes a week after similar allegations of mass NSA surveillance were reported in France, as well as revelations that phone conversations of 35 heads of state were monitored by the agency.

The phone calls were tracked from 10 December, 2012 until 8 January, 2013, though according to El Mundo the content of the calls was not monitored, only the time and location.

The Spanish government has so far denied any knowledge of its citizens being spied on by the NSA and has summoned the US ambassador to Madrid to discuss previous allegations of US surveillance of Spanish civilians and politicians.

Following calls from Germany on Friday to join a "no-spy deal" with the 28 European Union member states, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told a news conference in Brussels that Spain would be seeking more information from the ambassador before deciding on whether to support the move.

"We'll see once we have more information if we decide to join with what France and Germany have done," Rajoy said.

"But these aren't decisions which correspond to the European Union but questions related to national security and exclusive responsibility of member states. France and Germany have decided to do one thing and the rest of us may decide to do the same, or something else."