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Daily tech deals: Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, Microsoft Surface 2 tablets and Brother QL710-W wireless printer

We’re off to a flying start with the blue Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which can be yours from Amazon at half price for £154.58. With free UK delivery thrown in on top, the 118g handset packs a 1GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 4.1 jelly bean. It also throws in a 4in super AMOLED screen for crisp image quality alongside a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and an LED flash for those who want to take decent quality phone pictures at an affordable price.

Meanwhile, someone’s been a bit lax in the PCWorld stock room, with the entire range of the new Surface 2 Tablets being labelled as running Android systems. Consequently if you go on their website, use the code ATAB10 and choose home delivery you can get 10 per cent off any of their new Surface 2 tablets – to put that in perspective, it means if you wish to splash out on a Surface Pro 2 512GB it can now be yours with a healthy £143.90 knocked off the price tag. But you might want to be quick before someone at HQ notices the gaff.

Last but by no means least is news that the Brother QL710-W wireless printer is available on for a steal at £36.66. With Wi-Fi based wireless printing capabilities, a nifty app that lets you take a photo on your iPhone and send it to the brother within seconds and thermal technology so you don’t need to buy ink, this super-printer normally retails at around the £80. What’s more, it even comes with a three year warranty.

We strongly advise that you read our standard daily deals disclaimer should you have a purchase intent. These deals are not sponsored but are instead chosen solely because they represent, in our humble opinion, a cracking bargain.