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Secure BYOD: Egnyte app could help workers sent home by St Jude's Day storm

With the St Jude's Day storm causing havoc across the South of England and Wales yesterday, trees and telephone lines were blown down over rail tracks, and disruption hit every train going in and out of London. The travel chaos left thousands of workers stranded on public transport, or simply unable to come into work.

However, a new app unveiled today by Californian-based software engineer firm Egnyte could help employees who need to stay at home due to the weather. Egnyte's app allows employees working from home access their company's data easily and securely, providing "the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud", according to the company.

Egnyte claims that the app could "enable companies to create and manage a secure perimeter stretching from users' mobile devices to enterprise files stored behind the firewall," and claimed that this could result in the eradication of "all risks associated with BYOD in the workplace."

According to Ovum Research, more than 57 per cent of full-time employees use a personal device to access corporate data at some point. At the same time, a recent IDG study reported that three out of five companies believe that cloud file sharing has compromised their data security. The majority (61 per cent) also said that some files would always need to be stored locally due to low IT confidence in the cloud's security.

Egnyte's system of storage bypasses the cloud altogether, increasing the security of data transactions. Password protection and folder permissions also ensure that all files and communication are kept secure.

From today, Egnyte for iPhone, iPad and Android phones are available for free in the App Store and Google Play. There's even Egnyte for the Nook and Kindle, if you're so inclined.

Image: Flickr (aldisley)