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Splunk launches Hunk: Analytics for Hadoop with free trial available

Big data analytics firm Splunk has announced the release of its latest analytics solution for Hadoop, Hunk, which aims to speed up the process for all organisations that use it.

Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop provides an integrated analytics platform for Hadoop users that allows those in an organisation to explore, analyse and visualise historical data inside Hadoop.

“These are key reasons our customers consistently tell us about the cost, time and sheer difficulty of getting analytics out of their Hadoop clusters. With Hunk, we applied everything Splunk has learned from ten years of analytics experience with more than 6,000 customers to this unique challenge,” said Sanjay Mehta, VP of product marketing at Splunk.

Hunk functions with Apache Hadoop as well as most other distributions, such as those from IBM, MapR, Pivotal, and Hortonworks, with the availability making it even easier for many different companies to take advantage of Hunk.

Over 100 organisations took part in the Hunk Beta program with most firms reporting it was simple to install and that analytics results were easy to track.

Other features that Hunk brings to the table are an interactive search and results preview that makes it simple to interact with data and view results on the fly without knowing the questions that need answering.

Drag and drop analytics allow powerful analytics to be applied to anyone using Splunk’s data models and the pivot interface first released with Splunk Enterprise 6.

As far as developers are concerned, Hunk enables them to build big data applications and programs on top of data in Hadoop using a variety of different languages and frameworks familiar with all developers. This includes software development kits for C#, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, and Ruby. It also has a standards-based web framework and documented REST API.

One-year term licenses start at $2,500 (around £1,550) per Hadoop node with a minimum of 10 nodes and the product can be downloaded for a free 60-day trial right now.