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Apple served with class action over iMac screens

Apple is facing a class action on behalf of frustrated iMac customers that are unhappy at malfunctioning screens.

Corbin Rasmussen of Idaho is heading the complainants after half of the screen on his 27in iMac went black just 18 months after the $2,259 [£1,406] purchase was completed and Apple wanted to charge him over $500 [£311] for it to be repaired as it was outside the warranty.

In the complaint Rasmussen stated that although the computer was expensive he was reliant on Apple’s claims that it was “designed for a long productive life” and that prompted him to buy one.

After 50 per cent of the screen went dark the iMac became almost useless, according to Rasmussen, and when he complained to Apple the company stated it would cost over $500 [£311] to repair as it was outside the product’s one year warranty.

The class action document states that Apple has received hundreds of complaints about the same problem and that it didn’t try to fix it in 2011 when it released the new incarnation of the 27in iMac.

It’s a case that is reportedly worth over $5 million [£3.1 million], according to the law suit, and relies upon California’s consumer protection laws that state Apple deceived the complainants by making the claims over it being a long-lasting device.

The screen involved in the lawsuit is the LG LED-backlit display that is present in all iMacs bought in the US before December 2012 and anyone that bought one of these is represented by the class action.

Apple has been hit with a variety of class action suits in the past with many relating to the iPhone 4 as everything from the glass strength (opens in new tab) to the antenna (opens in new tab) have been dragged through the courts.

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