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Barnes & Noble debuts lighter Nook GlowLight

Barnes & Noble has unveiled a new Nook e-reader that is faster and lighter as it aims to challenge Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite in the backlit display stakes.

The e-reader, which goes on sale from today, weighs just 6.2oz, according to various outlets, and Barnes & Noble has dropped the Simple Touch moniker with the device becoming the Nook GlowLight with plenty of improvements beyond just the name change.

The weight of the device, which is just 6.2oz, is 15 per cent lighter than the newest Kindle Paperwhite and as well as the storage, at 4GB, is double that offered by Amazon’s latest offering and twice as large as the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight.

There is less of a contrast between the bezel and display that comes with a vastly improved backlight as complaints over the poor coverage and a blue-tinge to the screen are well and truly behind the Nook GlowLight.

The page turn buttons are absent for the first time as pages are turned using the device’s touchscreen and the e-reader has a rubber bumper around its edge to make it more durable compared to other reading devices on the market.

Nook has moved the power button to the side of the e-reader with the main “N” button now allowing the light to be switched on after being held for a few seconds as well as a letting owners access the home screen.

Other improvements include a reduction in full-page refreshes as well as the disappearance of text ghosting and the concave back favoured by many Simple Touch users has given way to one that is flat.

The Nook GlowLight is already on sale through Barnes & Noble’s site in North America with a pricetag of $119 [£74] with a protective cover available for $22 [£13.70] extra.

Image Credit: USA TODAY