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Samsung releases new developer tools to promote own devices

Samsung has released five new software development kits (SDKs) in an effort to set its smart devices apart from those of its competitors.

At its first ever developer conference in San Francisco, the South Korean company unveiled the software tools that it claims will make it easier to create Samsung-specific apps.

Speaking to the BBC, Samsung senior vice president Curtis Sasaki said, "Consumers want the best possible experience. What I'm passionate about is making sure that consumers have choice of applications and those applications really work well on Samsung products.

"Part of our job is to get developers excited about supporting all of our new features. That ends up benefiting the consumer with much better applications."

Currently Samsung relies on Android, a third-party operating system engineered by Google, which it is concerned fails to differentiate its devices from competitors who use the same software, such as HTC, Sony and LG.

By developing software that is unique to its devices, Samsung hopes to follow other companies – including Apple, Microsoft, Google and BlackBerry – in being able to offer platforms that stand out from its competitors.

Already Samsung has entered into partnerships with music app developer Pandora and chip maker Intel, with whom it is currently developing a new open source OS called Tizen.

"We're hoping that innovation happens outside of the company," Sasaki said. "That's why we have developers from 33 different countries."

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch signalled the company's intention to offer devices that only interact with other Samsung products, a strategy that has worked well for Apple.