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BlackBerry reportedly in talks with Facebook

BlackBerry is reportedly talks with Facebook over whether it’s interested in launching a bid for all or part of the beleaguered technology company.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a group of BlackBerry executives flew to Facebook’s headquarters in California to gauge the level of interest the social networking firm has in a potential purchase.

The news is only likely to stoke speculation that Facebook is looking at developing its own smartphone at some point in the near future that would allow it to collect valuable data on its users.

Even though rumours have flown around for a while that Facebook would one day release its own smartphone, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always scotched them and called it the “wrong strategy”. Instead they have developed partnerships with manufacturers and used this as a way to make the Facebook model more successful.

BlackBerry struck a preliminary deal with its largest shareholder Fairfax Financial earlier this year that would take the company private as part of a $4.7 billion [£2.9 billion] package.

This followed huge job cuts that saw almost 4,500 members of staff made redundant and gave the likes of Apple and Google the chance to poach some of the most talented members of staff.

Another group interested in taking the company on are Research in Motion [RIM] co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, who have already filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission to take on the 92 per cent of shares the two don’t currently own.

There are a number of other sharks circling BlackBerry including PC manufacturer Lenovo as well as various other technology firms, including Cisco, Google, and SAP, interested in taking different chunks of the company were it to be sold as many distinct parts.