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Chrome Canary to automatically block malware infected downloads

Google has announced the addition of an automatic malware blocker for Chrome. The feature has been added to Chrome Canary, the latest version of the browser which is available to download in beta form now.

The addition will mean Chrome automatically blocks any malicious downloads it identifys, notifying you with a message at the bottom of the screen.

In a blogpost introducing the new feature, Google VP Linus Upson said: "Online criminals have been increasing their use of malicious software that can silently hijack your browser settings. This has become a top issue in the Chrome help forums; we're listening and are here to help.

"Bad guys trick you into installing and running this kind of software by bundling it with something you might want, like a free screensaver, a video plugin or—ironically—a supposed security update.

"These malicious programs disguise themselves so you won't know they're there and they may change your homepage or inject ads into the sites you browse. Worse, they block your ability to change your settings back and make themselves hard to uninstall, keeping you trapped in an undesired state."

Google already flags 10,000 new websites a day with Safe Browsing and Upson says the update will mean that on top of this, the company will also be able to protect against malicious software installs.

As well as the malware blocker, Upson pointed to a recently rolled out update in all versions of Chrome - reset browser settings. This allows users to easily return Chrome to its factory settings, removing any unwanted add-ons.