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Dropbox hires ex-Facebook tech man Kevin Park as it continues expansion effort

Fast expanding cloud storage firm Dropbox has hired former Facebook man Kevin Park to head up technical operations and IT.

Park held a similar position - director of technical operations - at Facebook from 2006 until 2011.

This is the third former Facebook employee Dropbox has taken on, having bought collaborations startup Cove, which was founded by two former employees.

A purely talent motivated takeover, Cove was quickly shut down with co-founders Aditya Agarwell and Ruchi Sanghvi moved into high placed positions at Dropbox.

Agarwell, who worked extensively on Facebook's search function became VP of engineering at Dropbox, whilst his Sanghvi, who build the Facebook newsfeed, became VP of operations, although she has since left the firm.

Dropbox, started in 2008, now has over 200 million users who are saving over one billion files everyday.

The company's service enables sharing and collaboration across any device, as well as providing cloud storage. The simple and seamless process has meant rapid adoption of Dropbox across universities, the workplace and other institutions.

Recently, the company founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi outlined plans to extensively grow its oppressions and services in an attempt to rival the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google.