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Google Nexus 5 hands-on video leaks ahead of possible Halloween launch

The Nexus 5 rumours continued today, with a lengthy rundown of what is supposedly included in the smartphone posted to Reddit.

A video (above) of the supposed Nexus 5 also popped up on YouTube.

An individual known as "throwawaynexus5guy" got his hands on what he said is the Nexus 5 and hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit, answering questions about its features.

He didn't have it on hand ("the device could not leave the facility"), but said he would be "returning tomorrow, hope to share more."

Among his revelations is that he is "99 percent certain" that the Nexus 5 and KitKat Android update will be unveiled today at $349 (£218). A Twitter user said the same thing - predicting an 8am PT reveal. But neither individual said how they came to this conclusion, and thus far, Google has made no announcements about a possible reveal.

A previous rumour said the device will be unveiled on 1 November.

Another Reddit user, meanwhile, compiled all the details from throwawaynexus5guy's AMA.

The Reddit user revealed that KitKat will include a "completebackup solution" that will be like iCloud for Android. For purists, the phone runs "pure Android."

Meanwhile, he said the Nexus 5 "doesn't feel cheap like a Samsung device," and is "similar to holding a G2 but no volume controls [on the back]. I'm very impressed."

There are reportedly some camera improvements, but "don't expect anything like the s4/iPhone 5s," he added.