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Tesco Mobile launches 4G coverage checker

Tesco Mobile now offers a 4G coverage checker to assist its customers in finding which areas are served by the supermarket’s 4G access.

The mobile virtual network operator’s [MVNO] coverage checker is provided by SpatialBuzz and gives an overview of not only 4G services but also 2G and 3G.

“The network coverage checker powered by SpatialBuzz has already been proven on the Telefónica O2 websites in both the UK and in Germany, and in handset apps. The customer can determine whether the 4G phone they plan to buy will provide adequate network coverage in the area in which they intend to use it, and thus avoid costly mistakes,” said Andrew Blake, CTO of SpatialBuzz.

Telefónica O2, the network on which Tesco Mobile operates as an MVNO, has been using SpatialBuzz’s coverage checker since 2010 and the deal to provide a service to Tesco Mobile will help the UK’s largest MVNO grow from a current subscriber base of 3.5 million.

Tesco Mobile has only just launched 4G services using Telefónica O2’s UK network and boasts some of the cheapest rates of any provider. Tariffs can be found for a cheaply as £12.50 a month and any customers already using Tesco Mobile can upgrade for an extra £2.50 a month.

The lowest tariff provides 250 minutes and 500MB of 4G data with larger amounts of data and minutes available for higher prices as well as the price increasing if a handset is included. Tesco Mobile hopes to have pay as you go [PAYG] 4G at some point in 2014.

The UK 4G market has grown considerably since EE became the first company to offer services to consumers back in 2012. Vodafone and O2 both already offer customers 4G with Three joining the party later this year with the added bonus that it upgrades its customers to 4G free-of-charge.