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When millions need access: Identity management in an interconnected world

With millions of transactions occurring online almost every day, business today really occurs without boundaries.

Customers, business partners, vendors and other constituents all need to access your network — or your cloud — to make purchases, find information or use applications. While these new categories of users are essential for maintaining a competitive edge, your organisation also needs to carefully monitor them and grant appropriate, safe access to protected resources. And there are thousands — in many cases, millions — of them.

Their interest and involvement can be good for business. But how do you manage such a number? Manual procedures for identity management — everything from granting access to assets to managing user accounts — are a classic example of processes that simply don't scale.

They can work when the number of users is small. But manual procedures can become a significant burden when numbers reach into the thousands — and impossible when the numbers stretch to millions. Just think about resetting passwords.

How could you maintain a help desk big enough for a world full of customers?

To learn about how your organisation can implement security solutions that can scale to meet today's huge numbers of users, download this whitepaper below.