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Woman given ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving in US

A woman has been handed a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving in California.

The incident happened on Wednesday when Cecilia Abadie was pulled over for speeding. Once the officer saw she was wearing the device, Abadie was issued a tickets for wearing the glasses when driving, as well as speeding.

Abadie was booked for breaking a Californian law banning people from watching TV when at the wheel. The gadget was however switched off and she is considering legal action to have the ticket revoked, according to her Google+ page.

Writing on the social network, she said: "A cop just stopped me and gave me a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving! The exact line [on the ticket] says: Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass). Is #GoogleGlass ilegal while driving or is this cop wrong???

"Any legal advice is appreciated!! This happened in California. Do you know any other #GlassExplorers that got a similar ticket anywhere in the US?"

Comments on the post have now run to over 500, with many arguing that Google Glass may be covered by an exception that allows drivers to view a display if it shows maps or GPS.

In the comments section, Abadie said the police officer claimed that the smart glasses could obscure her view of the road and other cars, so where a danger.