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Google “secret" barge: Invite-only showroom to dock by Golden Gate?

Google’s mystery barge could be an invite-only showroom that will dock in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center with rumours continuing to fly around as to what the purpose of the project is.

The project, which has been in the works for “more than a year”, will take the form of an invite-only reconfigurable showroom that will be used for Google X projects and products in the future, according to KPIX.

According to “a source who has been on board the vessel” the structure will consist of three floors worth of showrooms, a party deck and various elements that can change state from one day to the next.

The same publication added that Google co-founder Sergey Brin has “personally directed” the project, which is in addition to another barge in Portland, Maine that is registered to the same By and Large shell company that is connected to Google.

The Verge, meanwhile, reports that Google has held talks with the city’s Fort Mason Center to dock its barge on the pier with details scarce as to when the company will decide to dock.

"They’re in discussions on the idea of mooring a floating barge off of one of the piers at Fort Mason for a period of time. The details, we’re still trying to ascertain ourselves," Howard Levitt, director of communications and partnerships at Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which manages Fort Mason, told The Verge.

The existence of Google’s barge was first revealed this week with most speculation surrounding the four story barge stating that it was either a floating data centre or a popup shop where the Google Glass eyepiece could be sold.

Security surrounding the 250ft long barge is extremely tight and Google still hasn’t come out to confirm the existence of the San Francisco barge or the one owned by the same shell company in Portland, Maine.