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New Belkin iPad Air accessories available for pre-order

It's almost new iPad day so that means it's time for some new iPad accessories.

Because of its redesigned shape, the iPad Air may not work with most existing cases and covers, making the demand for new ones even higher. Logitech already revealed its updated lineup, and now Belkin has announced that its new line of iPad keyboards and cases will be available for pre-order starting 1 November.

First up are the three revamped iPad Air keyboards under the "Qode" banner. The Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case is the next generation of Belkin's already well-received Ultimate Keyboard Case.

The aluminium case features three viewing angles, 264 hours of battery life, and Belkin's "TruType" keys.

The Qode ThinType Keyboard Case also has TruType and an aluminum body, but its design is closer to the more easily removable Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Its battery life is lower at 79 hours.

Finally, the Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case has a folio-style design and a TruType keyboard that can be tucked under the iPad for flat touch-screen use. It also comes in different colours like purple, topaz, and sorbet.

Along with these new keyboards, Belkin also announced a slate of new cases for iPad Air and iPad mini. These 10 cases are designed to cover a variety of purposes. The Apex 360 Advanced Protection Case is "built to surpass a six-foot military drop test" while other covers include "stylish quilted designs" or "ComfortForm" form-fitting materials.

Belkin's iPad mini accessories are available now and their iPad Air accessories are expected to ship throughout November and December. For more information, check out Belkin's iPad store.