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Alfresco Summit 2013: As it happened

ITProPortal has landed in Barcelona for Alfresco Summit 2013, where the open source specialist is hosting its annual conference on all things content management; drawing in users, developers and enterprise leaders from around the world for the four day extravaganza.

Monday is Day Zero here at the summit, as the show unofficially clicks into gear with a hack-a-thon challenge interspersed with technical how-to sessions for the devs and coders honing their skills throughout the week.

Things will be taken up another notch on Tuesday morning when Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales delivers the opening keynote address of the conference, and we’ll be cornering Wales for a more intimate chat soon after. With Wikipedia regarded by many as the ultimate open source model, those entrenched in the business will be desperate to see if Wales’ insights can be applied to their own open source world.

Keynote presentations, ‘thought leadership’ sessions, ‘product innovation’ seminars and more will then be coming thick and fast heading into the event’s climax on Thursday evening, so make sure you stay with us for the key talking points as they emerge.

In the meantime, check out our run down of the five things you don’t want to miss at Alfresco Summit this week, as James previews the conference’s key moments.

Whether or not you're here in Barcelona with us, you can join the Alfresco conversation in the comments section below and on Twitter, with the hashtag #SummitNow. Make sure you follow @ITProPortal for all the updates too.

  • 07 November
  • 11:59

    Alfresco Summit is starting to wind down proper, but stick with ITProPortal for a wee bit - we've got exclusive interviews with Alfresco founder John Newton and - yes, really - Mr Wiki Jimmy Wales in the pipeline. Watch this space? You'd be a fool if you didn't.

  • 06 November
  • 17:20

    However, before we sign off we've got one more juicy piece of news for you courtesy of Alfresco's Doug Dennerline. During his recent keynote, the company's new CEO said he hopes to emulate the rapid growth of Dropbox and Box. Follow the link for the fully story - we're off now to enjoy a quiet evening and perhaps a game or two of chess.

  • 17:17

  • 17:17

    Night is setting in down here in Barcelona and a jam-packed day two of Alfresco Summit has drawn to a close

  • 12:02

    There was a fair old buzz around Jimmy Wales' appearance here at Alfresco yesterday and the Wikipedia chief did not disappoint in the keynote theatre or in our interview.

    Wales was highly critical of PM David Cameron's creeping Internet censorship policies and described how it damages the mission to bring online freedom worldwide - well worth checking out.

  • 11:34

    For a full rundown of this morning's keynote, make a beeline for "Apple is being out innovated by Android": The verdict from Alfresco Summit 2013.

  • 09:26

    Simon Wardley wrapped up his keynote not long ago by emphasising the importance of IT mapping to modern businesses - stay tuned for a full report of this morning's headline session

  • 08:33

    "Cloud is very don't have a choice. It's not a question of if - it's only ever been a question of when."

  • 08:32

  • 08:27

    "Inertia comes from past business models. They rarely see the flood of change that's coming because we get used to linear change. Blockbuster was the first in VoD but it had its stores – that held it back"

  • 08:26

    Some core truths for IT and business: everything evolves, competition changes, one size never fits all, efficiency enables innovation, and inertia kills

  • 08:14

    Simon Wardley: "There's a game of chess between companies [but] some can't see the board."

  • 08:14

    This morning's keynote address is being delivered by Simon Wardley, a researcher at CSC Leading Edge Forum, who will be discussing the nature of economic change and how businesses can improve their outcomes by effectively mapping their needs

  • 08:12

  • 08:08

    And we're live again from Barcelona and the Palau Sala Exposiciones this morning for today's opening keynote

  • 05 November
  • 18:55

    JUST IN: Alfresco partners with secure access specialist Centrify to improve access directory security and enhance single sign-on controls for its core enterprise user base.

  • 17:34

    Alfresco founder John Newton: "With the cloud, you'll be able to have 1,000 times the capabilities of today. In 2023, the workplace will be everywhere, resilient, and - I hope - very focused. Unlimited computing, resilient organisations, devices everywhere? This is not a purely consumer world anymore. This is a business world - we're solving problems with intent and purpose."

  • 17:31

    John Newton: "Today? It's going to look exactly the same in 10 years as it does now - some things will be the same, but there will be things that you can't imagine [and] you'll not be able to live without."

  • 17:30

  • 16:32

    That slide there? So, 10 years ago, none of those entities existed. They're now part of our daily life, however - an example of the pace of disruptive change in technology

  • 16:31

  • 16:30

    John Newton: "My theme this year is 'Back to the Future.' What's going to happen in the next 10 years? Let's go back to 2003."

  • 16:29

    Alfresco CTO and founder John Newton takes the stage for this afternoon's keynote address, which will address the future of content

  • 16:28

  • 11:22

    You can expect much more from our chat with Wales on ITProPortal over the coming days, so stick around for that. We're now off to weave our way through the conference hallways and see what other sessions are taking place on a busy day one here at Alfresco Summit.

  • 11:19

    ITProPortal then retreated to a quieter spot to grill Wales in person, and the Wikipedia man was erudite and forthcoming.

    Wales said he's a very good sleeper so worries about the state of the Internet aren't enough to keep him up at night. But in light of his work to fight Internet censorship and fragmentation with regimes in nations like China, Wales does fear that this year's NSA revelations will damage his cause when trying to convince government to improve online freedom. The West is losing its moral high ground on Internet governance, he says, so the likes of China will be far less inclined to follow US-centric ideas of online freedom given the States' apparent abuse of the Internet with its mass surveillance programmes.

  • 11:10

    Dennerline then ushered the event's headline speaker onto the stage, and Mr Wikipedia himself, Jimmy Wales did not disappoint. Wales covered everything from Internet growth in the third world to Internet censorship in the first world - and he wants Wikipedia to be readily available to all the planet's citizens in between.

  • 11:09

    Alfresco bases San Mateo, Atlanta, London, Sydney and Japan in some pretty esteemed company as you can see from that slide.

  • 11:07

    Not that familiar with Alfresco? Let the slide below paint the picture. In an online world where content is king, the company is in a highly prosperous market, providing platforms for all manner of organisations to get their information on the web.

  • 11:02

    The self-titled "new guy," Dennerline, giving his address below.

  • 10:50

    It's been a hectic morning here at the summit. Alfresco CEO Doug Dennerline got things rolling first thing as he outlined the company's current state of affairs and its vision going forward. Dennerline has only been with the firm for a year and is determined to get the Alfresco name out there. The enterprise content management provider boasts customers a big as they come, but the company needs to "make more noise," he said, to really put itself on the map.

  • 09:12

  • 09:01

    Day one of Alfresco Summit 2013 is underway!

    We're enjoying the opening keynote from Wikipedia head honcho Jimmy Wales right now and will be meeting and interviewing the man himself very soon. Wi-Fi is rather patchy here in the keynote hall, so stay with us for more substantial updates later on.

  • 04 November
  • 17:25

    Ahead of his presentation here at the summit tomorrow, Alfresco CTO John Newton has been taking on issues around technology's impact on the public sector over on our sister site Technology.Info. Newton says open source cloud computing can enhance freedom of information with government policy, "increasing accountability, informed public participation and greater collaboration." In a fascinating read, he's also set out the guidelines and parameters for such a system to work in practice, so be sure to check out the full piece.

  • 16:25

    The first of what will no doubt be a glut of breaking news coming out of Barcelona this week: kicking off Alfresco Summit 2013 in style, Alfresco has launched the AWS-powered Alfresco Test Drive, which allows potential users to explore key solutions and features in a free trial environment.

  • 16:00

  • 15:59

    Sporting quips aside, Alfresco Summit is nearly full steam ahead, with Barcelona set to welcome Mr Wiki himself, Jimmy Wales, to deliver what promises to be a powerful keynote address tomorrow. The highlight of Day Zero, meanwhile, is the Alfresco hackathon, which has seen the enterprise CMS specialist's ace base of developers and partners working hard to produce a new open source project or improve on an existing one.

  • 13:20

    The scene from a slightly overcast Barcelona below. Nice to know there's the option of some clay court tennis action in between those conference sessions this week. Alfresco Summit 2013 is beginning to whir into life and in case you missed it above, make sure you head over to our conference preview before the big events kick off in earnest.