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Android 4.4 KitKat ROMs now available for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The news that Android KitKat won't be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus hasn't deterred some determined developers who have developed a series of KitKat ROMs especially for the popular smartphone.

XDA developers have developed some KitKat-flavoured builds, the first of which being "A Taste of KitKat" by a user called Grarak. It's had some pretty positive feedback, however it is important to note that these ROMs are completely unofficial, so install them at your own risk.

"A Taste of KitKat", for example, is marred by scratchy lines running across the screen like an old 90s TV set because of the Texas Instruments chipset that is no longer supported – one of the reasons that Google didn't bring KitKat to the Galaxy Nexus in the first place.

Brace yourself for another blow, because if you want to access the Internet you'll have to rely on mobile data as Wi-Fi is reportedly also broken.

Still, you have other options with the second ROM, SlimKat, by kufikugel. Again, the unsupported Galaxy Nexus chipset means that it suffers the same graphical glitch – an issue that probably won't be fixed any time soon – but if you don't mind using a phone with an interface that's buggier than a ladybug bugging out on a dunebuggy, everything else seems to run well.

The ROMs have been released in the wake of the news that Google has finally launched the £299 Nexus 5 smartphone alongside Android 4.4 KitKat.

Image Credit: Flickr (Nestlé)