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Apple OS X Mavericks suffering sound loss

Apple’s OS X Mavericks update is causing a plethora of problems for users with sound loss top of the list of issues Mac owners are complaining about.

Users are reporting that the new OS X version causes audio to disappear when a computer returns from sleep mode and the device has to be rebooted in order for sound to return.

“I updated to Mavericks three days ago but I find that there is no sound output (headphone &speaker) after sleep, even though for 1 second's sleep,” one OS X Mavericks user wrote on Apple’s forums, according to They added: “Every time I need to restart the computer to obtain the sound again.”

Plenty of other users have suggested ways to work around the issue including deselecting the “put hard disks to sleep when possible” option in system preferences and Apple is yet to officially acknowledge the problem actually exists.

Apple broke with tradition and made OS X Mavericks free to download for anyone that already has Mac OS X Snow Leopard as well as a Mac computer or laptop that was made in 2007 or later, with the compatibility requirement varying from one Mac to the next.

Mavericks comes with an impressive 200 new features including new apps such as iBooks and Maps, multiple display support, an updated calendar app, Safari 7, finder tabs, updated notifications and the addition of tabs when saving information.

The new version of the OS X was unveiled alongside the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, with the former of the two tablets released late last week with consumers now on tenterhooks for the iPad Mini 2, which still doesn’t have a release date.

Early adopters of the new OS X version have talked of it being “significantly” faster than Mountain Lion with the full review giving the OS X version 4.5 stars.