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Apple's new OS X Mavericks hits 10% adoption rate, say analytics firms

Apple's latest iteration of OS X is off to a good start, with multiple reporting firms all suggesting that the Mavericks has hit around 10 per cent or so of the total OS X installation base — corroborating numbers is a good thing.

According to Computerworld's Gregg Keizer, California metrics firm Chitika was the first out the gate with a number, suggesting that Mavericks had surpassed a 10 per cent installation rate within five days of the operating system update's free launch.

A word about that: It's likely that the free upgrade is partially the reason for Mavericks' quick adoption. Or, at least, it's a fair guess — Mountain Lion, the previously released "big update" to OS X, took all of a month or so to reach the adoption levels that Mavericks has seen within 10 days, and it cost Apple users $20 (£13) to upgrade.

As TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm notes, adoption rates for operating systems can be a bit of an "imprecise" measurement, which partially explains why there's a bit of a gap between Chikita calling the 10 per cent figure and fellow analytics firm NetMarketShare coming out of the gate with its own 10 per cent figure. According to the latter, as of Friday, OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) was up to a 0.84 per cent share of the global PC installation base and a 10.9 per cent share among all OS X users.

For those who enjoy the ever-present Microsoft-versus-Apple debate, here's some additional ammo to toss back and forth among your tech friends: OS X Mavericks, in the short span of five days or so, has managed to hit half the adoption rate (among the global PC installation base) as good old Windows 8.1. Both operating system updates released in October, though the free Windows 8.1 update has had a bit more time to simmer — that, and Windows 8, in total, commands more than double the global market share (7.53 per cent) as Apple's OS X 10.8 (3.31 per cent), according to NetMarketShare's figures.

According to Keizer, a number of the Mavericks upgrades came from those already running OS X Mountain Lion, whose adoption rate among OS X users fell six points, compared to last month, ending at a total or 43 per cent. The percentage of people using Lion and Snow Leopard fell as well – double the declines previously seen across the past three months, but equaling roughly one-third of the total declines of the Mountain Lion user base.

Interestingly, Apple hasn't taken to the airwaves just yet to detail out just how many Mavericks installations there have been. It's shared these statistics previously – noting that Mountain Lion exceeded three million downloads across its first four days of life, for example. Perhaps we'll see some official stats soon?