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Over £20m raised by Kickstarter since UK launch last year

More than £22.5 million has been pledged to creative projects in the UK through Kickstarter since launching last October, with over £17 million given to successful projects.

Projects ranging from a redesign of the London Underground map, to the animated children's character Morph have been launched on the crowd-funding site. In just one year there have been 323,282 backers.

Of the £22.5 million pledged in the UK, £17.1 million has gone towards over 1,500 successful projects that have reached their funding goals. Projects that aren't successful in reaching their funding goal by the given deadline do not receive anything.

Yancey Strickler, head of communications and Kickstarter co-founder, said, "Kickstarter is just this thing that continues to grow. What we've seen in the UK is £22m pledged and we are really happy with that. We didn't have any firm expectations, we just simply hoped that it would work – and so far, so good.

"We always believed very strongly in this, but it is amazing to see how far it has gone and we do feel that this is just the beginning – this is just scratching the surface."

By far the most prolific UK project backer is David Wardrop, a 28-year-old parks worker from Glasgow, who has so far supported 279 projects.

"It's the diversity of all the projects that is something special," he said. "And it is good to be part of something. A lot of it is different from the mainstream."

Since launching in the US in 2009, Kickstarter has funded over 50,000 creative projects worldwide, with 5.1 million people pledging $857 million (£537 million). It has achieved significantly more success than its rival Indiegogo, according to developers.

Some of the most successful projects mentioned on the Kickstarter website include artwork that has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, projects that have launched objects into space, and the film Inocente, which won an Oscar in 2013.

Kickstarter is set to launch in Australia later this month.