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Alfresco Summit 2013: Content management conference kicks off in Barcelona

Enterprise content management specialist Alfresco has cut the tape on its annual user and developer conference today, as Alfresco Summit 2013 kicks off in Barcelona.

The software firm has gathered its developer base and enterprise customers, as well as IT decision makers, business delegates and journalists from around the world for the four-day extravaganza, where the slogan, “Put your content to work’ is driving proceedings.

With open source at the heart of Alfresco’s philosophy, a true vanguard of the open source model takes to the stage this morning, as Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales delivers the opening keynote address. Shortly after, ITProPortal will be catching up with Wales in a more intimate interview setting, so stay tuned for that.

All of Wales’ insight, plus the other key segments of breaking news and analysis from the event can be found in our Alfresco Summit live coverage page which has been rolling since the beginning of the week. ‘Day Zero’ is already under our belts here in Barcelona, and details of the pre-show developer hackathon and Alfresco’s launch of the AWS-powered Test Drive product are already available via the event page.

Beyond the Wiki excitement there’s a whole host of keynotes, sessions and seminars taking place as the week unravels, with the Alfresco community sharing technical and business wisdom within the grounds of the vast Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I here in the Catalan capital.

Among those keynoters is Alfresco CTO and co-founder John Newton, who, when previewing the event in a conversation with ITProPortal last week, said, "Smart software should be able to deal with the fact that there's a huge amount of information. The whole notion of what a record is has to be redefined.

"[The Summit] is our opportunity to say where we're going. [and] what's next. We're going to talk about the stuff that's obvious, but also give a glimpse at what we're going to be doing in the future. The concept that's extremely important is the notion of context. That's what makes Alfresco different – the ability to manage context."

For the other key moments you won’t want to miss this week, check out our top five run-down of Alfresco Summit 2013’s schedule highlights.