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Apptio introduces revolutionary approach to IT benchmarking

TBM solution provider Apptio has launched an alternative to outdated approaches to benchmarking.

Taking a leaf out of's book, Apptio have introduced a new comparison service - Cost Transparency. The product update, launched at the Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference, allows businesses to measure costs of their IT assets in standard categories before automatically comparing those categories against industry peers.

It’s a huge step forward in IT benchmarking, which is a vital part of helping companies to determine the value of their internal infrastructure. Technology executives have long used benchmarking to calculate the cost of IT and make industry comparisons, but the length of time required for the process (around 6 months) makes it an expensively gargantuan procedure.

Because of this, calculating the costs of IT assets have until now been a pretty sizeable thorn in the sides of IT executives. Hardware, software licenses, staff salaries, real estate, facility costs, energy use and external cloud and consulting services must all be weighed and measured to establish costs in a company's data centre, and that's a complex task.

Apptio’s Cost Transparency provides a fast alternative to traditional means of calculating internal IT investments. Users can also make direct annual or ongoing comparisons of costs against specific industries and locations.

It means that CIOs can now leverage Apptio’s standard cost models to automatically measure the cost of IT, allowing relevant and up-to-date comparisons of their companies against rival organisations in order to easily identify key areas of improvement.

The new software relies on the Apptio TBM Unified Model, a blueprint for standardising IT categories and cost measurement based on hundreds of enterprise deployments.

“Just as GAAP sets the standard for the way public companies are evaluated, Apptio is developing, with endorsement from the Technology Business Management Council and outside experts, the industry standard to measure the cost and quality of IT,” said Sunny Gupta, Apptio chief executive officer.

“With a complete picture of costs that adheres to a standard IT categorisation model, IT leaders and business executives can finally compare the performance of their IT operations against peers in their industry using unbiased, defensible data.”

The updates come after news that Samsung, Broadcom and Huawei are among a number of companies to form a new consortium to standardise benchmarking for mobile devices.