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Daily tech deals: HP Pavilion Touchsmart Laptop, Hitachi HD 1080p Smart TV and Transcend 1TB hard drive

If you're on the hunt from some explosive deals this bonfire night, head over to PC World’s website today where you can get your hands on a HP Pavilion TouchSmart laptop for just £379. Not only does this include free delivery, but the touchscreen laptop also packs a 1TB hard drive with 4GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 8330 Graphics card and a one year warranty. Considering the Windows 8 computer normally retails for £500, the 24 per cent slash in price is a pretty hefty saving that leaves more than enough spare change left over for sparklers.

For those wanting even more bang for their buck (or pound), Argos is selling Hitachi’s Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV for £449.99. Normally setting you back £799.99, buying the TV through Argos will save you £350 and put a complimentary Wi-Fi dongle in your pocket too. With a 50in display, the TV also has an eight millisecond response time, USB and HDMI ports and a built in Freeview HD digital tuner.

If you like your technology a little more portable, you may want to take a look at the Transcend 1TB hard drive. It can store up to 168 hours of 1080p high-definition footage, more than 16,000 hours of digital music and over 480,000 high resolution digital images. And if with all that you become a little anxious that your collection of One Direction albums could be lost or destroyed by, say, a thermonuclear grenade, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the Transcend hard drive is imbued with military-grade shock resistance. Designed to meet US military drop test standards, you can be assured that for £51.99 you are buying a hard drive that packs a punch as well as lots of storage.

We strongly advise that you read our standard daily deals disclaimer should you have a purchase intent. These deals are not sponsored but are instead chosen solely because they represent, in our humble opinion, a cracking bargain.