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HTC predicts blue Christmas in face of fierce Apple, Samsung competition

It could be a lean Christmas in the HTC household.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer this week announced that it expects its fourth quarter revenue to drop, as the company continues its struggle against the likes of Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

The company anticipates fourth quarter revenue of between T$40 billion (£849 million) and T$45 billion (£954 million), representing a significant decrease both year-on-year as well as quarter-on-quarter.

In Q3, HTC pulled in revenue of T$47.1 billion (£999 million), while the final quarter of 2012 brought T$60 billion (£1.3 billion) to the company.

Q3 also represented HTC's first ever quarterly net loss on record.

The flagship HTC One smartphone has earned rave reviews since its February launch, but the firm's limited mobile range has long been branded one of its biggest shortcomings.

HTC has actively tried to address this issue by launching the One mini and One max – which also happens to be the only Android smartphone packing a fingerprint sensor – but any hype built up so far has been unspectacular.

In late September, HTC and Beats Audio officially ended their partnership, which earned HTC a useful if not staggering $265 million (£164 million).

Its expensive marketing campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr. can also be held responsible for soaking up a lot of money, but HTC will claim this was necessary to raise brand awareness.

The company definitely needs to improve its profitability, or else risk going the same way as BlackBerry.