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Pacnet launches first pan-Asian NaaS platform

Pacnet and Vello Systems have teamed up to offer the Asia’s first continent wide Network-as-a-Service [NaaS] platform that will cater for both carriers and enterprises by using Pacnet’s extensive broadband network on the continent.

The Pacnet Enabled Network [PEN] platform leverages Vello’s Connectivity Exchange application that is based on the VellOS 7.0 Linux software platform and gives carriers and enterprises the chance to commandeer network bandwidth on-demand when required.

“PEN, leveraging our wholly-owned network of data centers and subsea cable network, delivers scalable bandwidth and software-enabled intelligence, allowing customers to dynamically provision bandwidth in minutes through an OpenFlow based software controller”, explained Jon Vestal, VP of product architecture at Pacnet. “With the introduction of PEN, we are at the forefront of industry efforts to meet the networking challenges prompted by the growth of cloud computing.”

Vello has developed the platform in conjunction with Mirantis, an OpenStack company, and the VellOS Connectivity Exchange means that Pacnet can fully utilise and monetise its WAN links between countries and data centres using software control of data flows associated with tiered SLAs.

Tiered SLAs have been realised thanks to various connectivity exchange features such as on-demand provisioning, just-in-time provisioning, bandwidth calendaring, and automatic path recalculation and failover.

Pacnet promises that the NaaS platform will offer customers “unprecedented automated service initiation, reconfiguration and monitoring options”.

PEN, which will be launched in Q1 2014, will debut in 10 data centres across Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, with the US and China gaining connectivity in the first six months of 2014. Pacnet will eventually expand it to all of its interconnected data centres across the 14 Asia-Pacific region cities in which it has a presence.