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TeamViewer 9 Beta adds much awaited public API

TeamViewer has launched a new beta version of its meeting software with the ninth version of the suite allowing more remote support capabilities than ever before.

TeamViewer 9 Beta comes with Wake-on-LAN that lets users switch on computers remotely over the Internet using another desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a new public API allowing developers to easily integrate TeamViewer for the first time.

“TeamViewer has always been focused on remote support functionality,” said Kornelius Brunner, Head of Product Management. “With TeamViewer 9, we are going back to the roots and offering even better features for support teams in companies large and small.”

Another major improvement is the new Service Queue feature that allows IT support teams to manage, share and assign support requests so they can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

The public API has been specifically designed with developers in mind and is being offered to help companies integrate TeamViewer within an existing infrastructure. It’s free for any company with a TeamViewer 9 license and consists of a Reporting API and User Management API.

“In the past we’ve received dozens of emails from users asking if they can integrate TeamViewer as remote support software into their environments. We can finally provide outside developers with access to create sessions from their software and integrate with the data they manage within the TeamViewer infrastructure,” Brunner added.

Other new features in TeamViewer 9 Beta include two-factor authentication for user accounts, easier file sharing by allowing files to be sent without opening a remote access session, and a universal clipboard that means files can be copied from one device directly onto a remote desktop.

As well as these new features there is a new notifications system that brings everything into one pop-up window and companies can now customise modules with personalised branding.