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Want a Google Glass? It can now ship to your house complete with personal tutorial

The process of procuring Google Glass, and learning how to use it, is getting a little more convenient.

Now that Google has expanded its Glass Explorer programme, allowing current participants to invite three of their friends to try out the experimental headset, the company has also streamlined the process of educating users about how it works. Those who snag an invite to purchase the $1,500 (£940) wearable device no longer have to pick up the gadget in-person, according to Android Central.

Instead, new participants can have the device shipped to their house, and meet up with an official "Glass Guide" over Google Hangouts to get the rundown on how to operate their headset. The original batch of Google Glass Explorer participants had to make the journey to Google's office in either Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York for an in-person walkthrough on the hardware.

The change comes after Google last week announced that Glass Explorers will soon be able to swap out their current model for a refreshed version, and invite friends to join the programme.

"More Explorers means more feedback, and more feedback means better Glass," Google said.

Android Central editor Phil Nickinson was one of the lucky ones who snagged an invite in the latest Explorer programme expansion, and said he was contacted by a Google rep to schedule a time for his walkthrough session. Nickinson said he was told the briefing would last around 45 minutes or so, during which a Glass Guide would take him through the entire set-up process, explain some of the features, and share some of the history about how the device came to be.

The news comes as Google is reportedly building a floating showcase for Glass. A mysterious barge connected to the search giant recently appeared in the San Francisco Bay, and while many assumed Google was experimenting with a water-based data centre, a local news channel said the barge will serve as a moving showroom for Glass. Google has not confirmed anything, but another barge also showed up in Maine.

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