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47% of workers suffer tablet failure

Almost half of business tablet users have reported device failure in the past two years with a plethora of issues affecting the roll out of tablets among UK businesses.

The Panasonic commissioned survey found that 47 per cent of workers that use a tablet for work-related tasks have experienced an issue or failure in the past two years.

“These findings indicate that British businesses are currently paying a very high price for the convenience of using tablets in the workplace, including expensive total cost of ownership and costly worker downtime. The benefits of tablets are clear for all to see but businesses must pay much more attention to the types of device most suitable for their mobile workers and the requirements they have for the device,” said Jan Kaempfer, MD of Panasonic Computer Product Solutions.

The most common failure is the battery [27 per cent] with 16 per cent reporting touch screen issues and 10 per cent suffering a broken screen or button failure. Over the two-year period there was an average of three failures per user.

When it comes to the cause of failures extreme temperatures caused the highest amount with 29 per cent left in a hot place and 11 per cent in temperatures that were too cold.

Tablets dropped or knocked off a desk account for 21 per cent of accidents, with spillages of water, coffee, tea and soft drinks the cause of 17 per cent of accidents. Total immersion in water saw reported in 11 per cent of cases with over one in 10 seeing a tablet run over by a vehicle.

All of this was compounded by the fact that the average repair or replacement time among the 500 people surveyed was 14 days. Most employees were in agreement that a tablet makes them more efficient when performing business related tasks on the move. Despite this, 68 per cent of users think that a tablet is less resilient against failure than using other devices to perform similar tasks.

Image Credit: Flickr (3dom)