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Alfresco Summit 2013: Move over geeks, the creatives are coming through

If you’ve been to any kind of enterprise IT conference in the past few years, the chances are you’d have heard ‘big data’ crop up somewhere along the line. With analytics tools proliferating and more business than ever being driven by hard data, the subject has become ubiquitous.

But the team behind content management provider Alfresco, who is holding its annual summit in Barcelona this week, have been keen to emphasise that it is not data and information alone that will drive the future of technology; it’s the creatives behind it.

“We are all information workers,” said Alfresco co-founder John Newton (above) said yesterday. “The scope and breadth of information workers both in the developed and developing world is only going to increase. But what’s really important is what we do with the information.”

Newton was outlining his vision for the next decade in technology, and skilful handing of data will separate the innovators from those who remain static in business, he argued.

“It’s not just data, it’s the interpretation of how human beings think about it, and add value to that data… It’s not just part of a filing system, it’s information in context. About where you are, how it’s being used, and even the state of mind of that person using it. It’s about creativity. To take that interpretation and make it compelling, make it viral, make it contagious.”

He continued, “It’s about intent. This is not purely a consumer world, this is a business world where we’re solving problems and doing things with purpose.”

As a result, Newton predicts that technology workers will soon be shedding the nerdy image of old, as a more artistic demographic penetrates the industry.

“The world of software is getting more creative. We’re leaving behind the geeky past and going into a far more creative future, where technology is driven by the creative types as much as it is driven by the highly intellectual and technical types,” he said.

Newton and his industry peers have been peppering Alfresco Summit 2013 with insight and analysis all week, and we've been breaking down the highlights over on our live coverage page, so go and check it out.