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"Apple is being out innovated by Android": The verdict from Alfresco Summit 2013

Delivering a keynote address at Alfresco Summit 2013, CSC: Leading Edge Forum researcher Simon Wardley shared his thoughts on a range of key enterprise IT issues, opining specifically on the nature of technological and economic change within organisations.

"We are living in a world where IT is a strategic weapon. It's a tool [and] it's really important to understand the game you're playing. You need to have experience of your business and understand how that game is being changed," he said.

Wardley added: "No consultant will give you this."

Outlining a number of 'golden rules' businesses should be aware of, Wardley drew particular attention to the dangers of inertia. He pointed to Blockbuster as an example of a company that had fallen behind the curb of change in its industry to disastrous effect.

"Inertia comes from past business models - they rarely see the flood of change that's coming...Blockbuster was the first in VoD but still had its stores – that held it back," he noted.

Apple was another example, he said, of a company that wasn't innovating as fast as its competitors.

"The problem isn't that Apple has stopped innovating – it's that it's being out innovated by Android," Wardley continued.

The single biggest evolution that organisations need to grasp on the IT front? According to Wardley, cloud is now an unstoppable wave and companies must either learn to surf or risk being swept away.

"Cloud is very simple. It's about efficiency, agility and new sources of worth. Yes, we have inertia to cloud – that's normal. But you don't have a choice. It's not a question of if, it's only ever a question of when...We've had years to prepare for this change."