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Evaluating cloud-based file transfer services

The purpose of this white paper is to discuss cloud-based file transfer services, which are now figuring in the IT planning strategies of companies large and small across multiple business sectors throughout the world.

The enormous potential of such services is supported by research conducted in conjunction with Vanson-Bourne, which also suggests that implementation is figuring in the near-term planning horizons of many if not most companies with significant B2B networks.

The term "cloud-based" or "outsourced services" for file transfers are services provided by a third-party for transferring large files as an alternative to traditional on-premises Managed File Transfer (MFT) software.

Our research indicates that cloud-based services have become a near-term planning option for IT enterprise networks, offering potential benefits to the right customers and highlighting issues which need to be carefully analysed as part of practically any decision to implement their use in specific cases.

Historically, the IT file transfer function has been controlled 100 per cent in-house based on the clear advantage such control provides in the areas of security and responsiveness to in-house clients and business partners.

Such control has, of course, been distributed among IT and line of business organizations with the help of third-party MFT software and services, but there has been no significant hand-off of responsibility for overall functionality to third parties. Now, however, this historical trend is giving way to the use of cloud-based services that will delegate a portion of in-house control to external technology.

Why should any company consider initiating such a change in file management strategy? And what are the most important factors to consider in analysing the appropriateness of a strategy change?

The answers to those questions can be helpful in beginning planning discussions on this business-critical subject.

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